​CT Gas Fireplace

CT. # HTG.0400280-HPG1

​Residential Homes Only.
​No Businesses, or Large Buildings.

Gas Fireplace Service.
Cleanings and Repairs.
​No Sales or Installs.

​Indoor Gas Fireplaces Only.

About CT Gas Fireplace.

Welcome to CT Gas Fireplace. Helping people get their indoor gas fireplace serviced in a 40 mile range from my home location in Plantsville, CT to your home location. That's cleaning, inspection, and repairs in a neat and timely manner, no matter the make or model of the gas fireplace, or if it's Naturel gas or propane. No sales or installs of any gas fireplaces, just service. No out door service on gas fireplaces or fire pits. And after 10 years in business I got quite busy and now have to limit my drive distance to only 40 miles from my home location in Plantsville, CT to yours, no exceptions.

​What I need from you at time of service.

Do not have the fireplace on day of service.

Have the area in front of the fireplace clear of home decor.
​Payment Due at end of service.
​Thank You

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Residential Pricing
Pricing is $275 Monday through Friday for one gas fireplace in your home.
$125 for each additional gas fireplace you may have in the same home.

I offer a $25 discount in my off season in June, July, & August.
Also in June, July, & August there's a group discount of another $10 off as 
long as you have at least 2 or more neighbors on the same date and time.

Pricing is per person/household.

Now doing select Saturday mornings 8am-12 noon.
​Price is $325 on Saturdays.

There is a 4% discount included in the full price if paying by cash or check.
If using credit, or debit card you lose the 4% discount.

*Parts if needed, and Tax, not included*​

If you're not home time of schedule service there's a $50 return fee

and any discounts will be forfeited.

Payment is due at time of service.

If you need to cancel please give us at least 24-48 hour notice.

Commonly asked questions
1. What is done when you service a gas fireplace?
I go through the gas fireplace and do a 24 point inspection and cleaning.

Check and clean pilot assembly
Check and clean main burner

Main orifice

Pilot orifice

Port holes
Check Igniter
Test millivolt / electric system
Blower cleaning if accessible
Check for proper on-off switch/thermostat operation
Check for gas leaks

Check for carbon monoxide
Ensure proper safety shut down
Check for flue spillage when applicable

Check gaskets
Clean glass
Clean logs

Check screw/nuts/bolts
Replace glowing embers

Vacuum accessible areas
Check batteries
Paint inside fire box with flat black only if needed

Battery back up 
Interior lights

​2. Do I really need to service my gas fireplace?
Yes, gas fireplace manufacturers recommend an annual service. Cleaning, inspection, and testing.

3. How often should I clean the glass?
The glass should be cleaned at least once a season. If the glass is not cleaned often enough, the white film will bake into the pores of the glass and will be permanently stained.

4. What is the white stuff on the glass?
The white film on the glass is from combustion gases. In older gas fireplaces silicone was used when the fireplace was built, and the silicone may be giving off gases. Sometimes the top and sides of the fire box develop a white powder, you could call it white soot. This white soot can be vacuumed out during a routine service.

5. Why is the pilot light so large?
In gas fireplaces built in resent years, pilot light is large by design. The pilot light burns in two or three directions. It burns on a thermocouple, a thermopile, or a electronic sensing rod, the third arm onto the burner. On all pilot lights, the pilot should burn blue. When the pilot light gets dirty it gets larger and burns yellow. When you have a large yellow pilot you need the unit serviced.

6. What is the fuzzy stuff on the burner?
This material is called glowing embers or rock wool. When installed correctly it can add a dramatic appearance to the burner. It can give the appearance of a ember bed.

7. How long do the glowing embers last?
I have found that the embers last many years but they gradually lose there effect. I always replace the glowing embers when I service a gas fireplace.

8. The inside of the fireplace does not look very nice anymore, is there anything you can do about it?
Yes, what I like to do is repaint the inside of the fireplace if needed and with flat black paint only, no other color. Over the years some gas fireplaces can even bake off the paint. On some fireplaces the white film develops on the inside walls. In both cases, repainting the fire box with high temperature paint makes your fireplace look much nicer. I paint only with flat black and only if needed.

9. Can I install a blower in my gas fireplace?
Yes, in most cases. In most gas fireplaces blowers are an option that can be installed, but only if you have electricity already there.

10. Sometimes the fireplace goes out, what is going on?
Usually this is an electrical problem. It could be from electrical connections that have built up resistance in them. Or it also could be from a dirty pilot light. A qualified technician can pinpoint the problem and correct it.

11. Can I install a thermostat on my gas fireplace?
Yes, if you have a fireplace approved for the use of a wired or remote thermostat.

12. Can I install a remote control on my gas fireplace?
In most cases yes. It depends on the type of control valve your gas fireplace was built with. Usually if you have some kind of a on-off switch you can have one installed.